Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Government Pictures

Bellwork question: Which type of government typically has a higher standard of living for its citizens, a dictatorship, or a democracy?  Defend your answer.

As always, we had some great answers.  Some students misread the question and answered dictatorship, because the dictator has so much money.  Of course, I was asking about the citizens, so democracy was the correct answer.

A democracy cares about the people, because it's a government made up of people.  Because dictators often use fear to stay in power, they do not care about the people in the same way as a democracy.  So, the citizens in a democracy typically have a higher standard of living.

Students are working on government pictures.  If you need a copy of the paper, you can download it HERE.  (You may have to change it a little bit after downloading.  Mediafire sometimes messes with my documents.  Just delete the excess lines.  ...You'll see what I mean.)

Yes, they are homework.  Finish them if you didn't finish them in class.

If you want the extra credit today, read and discuss the blog with an adult.  Then, on a scrap piece of paper, draw a quick picture representing one of the government types.  (Don't spend much time on it...)  Show it to the adult you read the blog with and see if they can guess what type of government it is.  (They can use the chart, it's on yesterday's blog.)  Then, have them sign it.

Turn it in tomorrow.

Don't forget the homework.

...Also, don't forget the homework...

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