Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rule of Law

Maybe it's been said before, but no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, let us join together and give thanks that the yard signs will be gone, and the political commercials are over.  Now we can get back to being annoyed by that Geico pig.

The lesson today was on freedom of speech and rule of law.  We'll be introducing governments soon.  Indeed, I guess we already have...  We discussed the role of authority in our lives: to keep us safe and to get stuff done.

As a teacher, I have a responsibility to make sure my students are safe.  I also have a responsibility to teach.  As parents and care takers, we have a responsibility to keep our children safe, and provide for them.  The government has a responsibility to keep its citizens safe, and to maintain the infrastructure, and economy of the nation, etc...

Rule of law = everyone must follow the law, no matter who they are or what they do.

Limited Government = a government with limited power

Unlimited Government = a government with unlimited power

If you want extra credit for reading and discussing this blog, read it and discuss it with an adult.  Then write two sentences about our discussion of what would happen if students and teachers had the same level of authority.  Have the adult you discussed the blog with sign the paper.


  1.,0,5831623.story this is what u need to search for joe arpaio :)))

  2. WOOT! WOOT! Nice job, Marilin. Maybe I should offer more extra credit like this.

    Looks like we were both right. You said he was running again and was elected. I said, he was elected Sheriff before.

    We probably won't talk about him too much until February. Even then, we won't talk to him at length. I would ask you for your opinions on the man, and the situation - but given your tone this morning, I bet I can already guess them. :)

    Thanks, and have a great night.