Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote for Robamaney

Well, the election is tomorrow...  (In case you're unaware...)  We spent the day discussing the role of government, the candidates, the electoral college, and an issue or two.

I tried to be as accurate as possible when discussing the issues, and give the candidates own rationale for why they are in favor or oppose the issue.

*All of you reading this don't realize that I just left my class for 35 minutes to go cover another class... because of that, I'm cutting my post short again.*

To get the extra credit today, choose 2 issues on the candidates site and read over them:

Gov. Romney

President Obama

Then, discuss them with an adult.  Write down which two issues you looked at, and what you think about the stances the candidates are taking.  Have the adult you discussed it with sign the paper, and turn it in tomorrow.


  1. Are we voting tomorrow? In class?
    Please answer this question. Thanks!

    1. We'll vote in the school-wide election. ...At least, that's the plan. We've got some other stuff on the agenda as well. I'm not expecting the long lines we're bound to see at some precincts.

  2. What do you mean two issues? Bloop.

    1. Well, today in class we talked about national security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Each of the candidates has ideas on what the government should do regarding different issues: the economy, education, health care, war, social security, etc... If you go to the websites I linked to above, you can see what Gov. Romney and President Obama believe about these things.