Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh Snap. It's the Weekend

I am tired.  What a week, huh?

First of all, to my thousands of loyal readers out there: hi.

Second, lets talk about class.

Today we discussed the Mrs. Higley's science project: The Consumer Challenge.  Students were supposed to explain to me what it was about.  I seriously, didn't know.  I only knew it involved guys walking around with nail-polish on for a couple of days.

They were supposed to tell me what it had to do with science - you know, why Mrs. Higley gave the assignment in the first place.  And then, they had to explain to me why I was so stoked to find one in the trash can. 

*Side note* - I try to keep in contact with all the other teachers - what they're doing, how it relates to what I'm doing, etc... but there's just so little time.  I saw a Consumer Challenge in the trash and thought, "man, that's exactly what we've been studying in here...  So, I dug it out of the trash and checked it out.  Then I thought, it probably wasn't a good idea to be rooting around my trash can - what with all the dirty tissues in there and what not...  But, well... you can't win them all...  *end side note*

So, the students had to figure out why the CONSUMER challenge applied to social studies.  ...Yes, we just finished up our unit on the economy.

If you want the extra credit, read the blog and discuss it with an adult.  On a sheet of paper, write down what your parents thought of your report card.  Have them sign it.  Turn it in tomorrow.

Here's something else you could do for fun.  Look up Syria online, and tell me what's going on there.  Maybe post a link in the comments.  Maybe I'll give you extra credit for that as well.  I don't know.  That's a lot of extra credit, don't you think?

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