Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 Hour Delays Won't Get My Praise...

...although, it's nice to have a little extra time to prepare in the morning.

We accomplish a lot less when we have less time.  (That's my brilliant contribution to the day's dialogue.)

We finished up filling out the chart on Judaism and Christianity.  We'll discuss Islam over the next couple days, and we'll probably have a little quiz over the topics next week.

We also read an article on Abraham, and saw why the three major monotheistic religions traced their roots back to him.

Two hour delays shorten everything up.  Yesterday's post... today's post...

I'm off to make new seating charts.

If you want extra credit, read and discuss the blog with an adult.  (I know, there's not much here today...)  Write the date on a scrap piece of paper.  Put your name on it, and have the adult you discussed the blog with it sign it.

Turn it in tomorrow.

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