Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Graded PPTs

Students had the chance to look at the comments I left them on their powerpoints today. I encourage you to check them out: this goes for students and adults. (True, students have already gone on and responded to the comments I left, but most students didn't have time to look at all of the comments.) So, funny story: first hour I had students respond to the comments I made. *In a whiny student voice:* "But do I have to respond to aul of dem?"

Me:  Yes.

Student: But... but... but there's so MANY of them.

(Keeping in mind there are about 5-10 comments per presentation.)

Me:  I know...  I wrote them.

Student: But... you like doing this stuff...

Me:  (I'm probably getting visibly annoyed by this point, looking slightly incredulous):  You think I want to be grading power point presentations for 20+ hours of my weekend rather than hanging out with my family?  Reading a book of choice?  Watching mindless television?  No no no no no no NOooo..  True, I'm doing this to help you, and because I like you.  Seriously, if I can write comments on a hundred and however many (20? 30? 40?) presentations, you can take the time to respond to the comments I left specifically for YOU.

Student huffily goes to work.

*End of Act 1*

To those of you who understand and appreciate what goes into the grading process: thanks.

All that to say, parents and adults - you can see the finished/graded presentation your kid created.  You can access it by going to THIS POST and following the instructions.

If you want the extra credit for reading and discussing today's blog post, ask your parent (or the adult you're reading this with) what they think of religion.

Write two sentences telling me how the conversation went and have the adult sign it.  Then put it in the extra credit tray tomorrow.

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