Monday, January 7, 2013

Big Grades Coming Up

Well, well, welcome back.

We finished up the Hammurabi Power Point today.  Students who did not finish, are cordially invited to finish on their own - at lunch, CAP, after school, whenever.  There may be a couple notable exceptions, come see me if you think I'm talking about you.

We've got some big grades coming up.  Get ready:

  • Hammurabi ppt. 64 pts.
  • Ancient Egypt Map 25 pts.
  • Egypt Mesopotamia Venn Diagram 15 pts.
  • Ancient Civilizations Quiz 40 pts.

There you have it.  We probably won't talk about Egypt so much since you already know about it.

If you want extra credit for reading and discussing this blog post with an adult, click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!!!!  That takes you to the review guide.  Have the parent or adult you read the blog with quiz you over some of the material that's going to be on the quiz.

Then, write two things you studied on a piece of scrap paper.  Write the following sentence: I studied __________ and __________ with ___________________.  On the final blank, have the parent or adult that read the blog and studied with you sign their name.

Put it in the extra credit turn in tray.

Have a great evening.

Hey: here's a picture of a ziggurat, in case you wanted to see one.  And a pyramid from Egypt.

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