Thursday, January 17, 2013


For my birthday, I got to wake up extra early and go to East Noble School Corporation to see how they've implemented their 1:1 initiative.

It was pretty exciting stuff.  Someday... someday soon, one would hope.

So, I wasn't at school today.  And I almost didn't post a blog entry - what with my crazy birthday party and all.

But, I thought:'s the end of the semester.  There are some students who are like...   .04% away from a letter grade bump.  They may end up disheartened if I don't post something.

So here it is - and an easy one at that.

You're supposed to be reading this with an adult.  Discuss how the day went.  Tell them about Judaism.  What do you remember from that video?  What is monotheism?  Polytheism?

Then, on a sheet of notebook paper write down a phrase.  Any phrase or quote... Whatever you want.  I'll take the best one and use it as my code phrase for tomorrow's post.

Don't forget to have the adult you had your discussion with sign the paper.

Happy Birthday.

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