Monday, January 28, 2013

Human Capital

To start off, I didn't create this graphic - I only created this version of it:

I originally obtained it from hcdexperts and linked back to their webpage.  Unfortunately, that is now defunct, and I have no way of contacting them.  If you work for hcdexperts and have any questions regarding the use of this graphic, please feel free to email, or leave a comment.

We spent a lot of time going over human capital today.  I had the students explain the chart.  Then they thought of a job, and gave examples of human capital that would help them in that job.  The students were supposed to be specific.  If they listed "doctor" they couldn't just say, "A doctor needs knowledge, life experience, skills and abilities, and to be creative."  Students had to explain the types of knowledge a doctor would need.  What life experiences would be beneficial, etc...

I recently went to a 1:1 conference at East Noble School Corporation.  Concord paid my way.  This increased my human capital.  My knowledge, and skills/abilities increased.  I learned creative ways to incorporate 1:1 technology in the classroom.  I asked the students if it was worth it for the school to invest in my human capital.

It's also worth mentioning the quiz Wednesday.  Yes... a quiz.  The quiz will be over the three monotheistic religions.  It'd be a good idea to study the chart.  I had the students write a little bit more information today as well.  You can check it out below:

Study study study...

Remember, to get the extra credit, you're supposed to read and discuss this blog with an adult.  I would suggest talking about the human capital chart, and spending some time studying for Wednesday's quiz.  To prove you did this, write the following quote on a sheet of scrap paper:  "Better for my having been there."  St. Petersburg High School Motto; St. Petersburg, Florida.  Have the adult you discussed the blog with sign the paper.

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