Friday, January 11, 2013


First of all, to those of you with facebook: consider reminding your friends that they can earn extra credit by visiting this blog and discussing it with an adult.

I know I'm getting a lot of extra credit turned in from people who don't have facebook accounts - either they're too young, or they don't have time for it.  That's fine.  If you DO have one though, it's always nice to help friends out.  And this extra credit is easy, as always.

I'm saying this because next week is the last week of the marking period.  So time is running out if you want it on this quarter.  And I had that great feeling today, when I put some extra credit in the grade book, and I saw a students score go from a C+ to a B-.

Speaking of grades, the quiz was today.  Not bad.  A lot of Cs.  They are all entered, so unless you were absent today, it should be in there.  I'm planning on having all the power point presentations graded by the end of this weekend.  1st and 2nd hour will be in by 3:30 PM today.

So, to get the extra credit, you had to read and discuss this post with an adult.  There's not too much social studies content on here, so adults, here are some questions you can ask your kid:
  • How'd you do on the quiz?
  • How are your grades?
  • Really?  Do you mind if we go on STI and check them?
  • Oh... Ok... We can check them later, I know your favorite TV show is on right now.  (Parents/adults: you can still force them to go to STI and check their grades if you want... I leave this entirely up to you.  But don't feel like you have to do it to get credit for reading and discussing the blog... it's your life, you know?)
  • What was that quiz about?
  • The first section, you either picked Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Both.  Can you tell me anything that was in the Both category?
  • Theocracy?  Polytheism?  Great!  Looks like you're really learning something in there.
  • Although, it's been a while since I've been in social studies.  What's a theocracy again?
There you have it.  On a scrap piece of paper, the student should write down a sentence or two telling how the conversation went.  Then, parent or adult, sign that paper.

Turn it in on Monday and BAM! extra credit!

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