Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almost No Post

I almost didn't post this because it takes so much extra time and effort.

To the 3 students that read and turned in the extra credit last night:  Kudos to you.  Thanks for putting forth the effort.  And had you not done that, you wouldn't have had the chance for extra credit today, as I wouldn't have had the effort to write.

We watched one of those Crash Course videos today - this one was on Islam.  You can watch it below if you're so inclined.

I'll finish up teaching about Islam tomorrow.

Here are some similarities between the monotheistic religions:

  • They're monotheistic
  • They follow religious rules
  • They trace their roots back to Abraham
  • They originate in the Middle East
  • They believe Moses was a prophet
Here's some other stuff to think about:

  • Muslims and Christians believe Jesus was a prophet.
  • The majority of Christians believe Jesus was/is God
  •  Muslims believe Jesus was not God.
This all came up in class today regarding why Muslims find pictures of the Prophet Mohammed offensive.

So, here's the deal: if you want extra credit read and discuss the blog with an adult.  Then, write two comments, facts, or whatever that came up in your discussion.  Have the adult you discussed with sign the paper.  Put it in the extra credit tray.


  1. Hi Mr.Habecker it is me allyson from 7th hour class here is my blog on wolves, I for got to check it before i clicked contue so that is why it looks like that, and if anyone else sees this you are also welcome to check it out and leave a comment on it if you wish, but I have not been on there for a while so the posts are a bit old, but still check it out if you would like does not bother me if you do or don`t so have a good evening!

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  2. Finally! Thanks for sharing. I'm listening to the Evanescence song while I'm posting this.