Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Big Questions

We'll see if I hear back from any of the Promises crew.  Honestly, I'm not counting on it... but who knows?  Maybe I should have promised to plug Justine Shapiro's new...ish... documentary...

We'll see.  They're all pretty busy.

In order to get the extra credit, answer the following 5 questions about Promises with them.

1.  What are the check points, and how do people feel about them?

2.  Do you feel like you are more alike or more different from the kids in the film?  How so?

3.  Why do you think the movie is called "Promises?"

4.  Why do you think the last scene featured babies?

5.  Was it worth watching?

Discuss all five questions.  In order to get the extra credit, write one answer down, have the adult you read and discussed it with sign the paper, and turn it in on Monday.

See you then.

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