Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Also, the post for May 7th:

So, I keep coming up with great questions, but I want to use them for bellwork.

Again, instead of posting a long post - tell the person you read this with what happened in the movie today.

Then, write 2 sentences about it.

Also, ask them what they think about me contacting the kids from the movie.  Should I do it, or not?  We'll have an informal vote.


  1. the movie today was very good. i personally find the out side world, countries and religions very interesting. the movie was about 6 different kids and their cultures and religious customs. It was also about how they have to travel and live in fear because their governments don't get along and there have been several terrorist attacks .

    Riley Petgen
    4th hr

  2. Thanks, Riley. Remind me about this tomorrow so you get the points. :)