Monday, May 19, 2014

Tying Together

I'm trying to tie a lot together here: Israel/China/Japan/Bias/Product-Placement/Propaganda/Governments/Religion...

I like to think it's working out, but it might not be.

We've moved on to North Korea - which means we're discussing a lot of the topics from earlier in the year.  Am I crazy for having hoped all you students would have remembered what an unlimited government is?  Especially a dictatorship or a theocracy?

Am I crazy to have hoped that you would remember Japan colonized the Koreas?  Or that propaganda is intentional bias - and that we're all being sold differing opinions or ideas?

The year is winding down, but we're not there yet.  There's still more to learn.  There will always be more to learn.  That's not meant to be defeatist - that's meant as an encouragement.

Come on people!  Lets go out and finish strong!

If you read this and want some extra credit, tell what you know about North Korea - so far.

Then, on a piece of paper write the following quote: "Per capita consumption of chickens in the US correlates with total US crude oil imports - they must be related."

Then, have the adult you read and discussed it with sign the paper.  Turn it in tomorrow for extra credit.

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