Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bias and Propaganda

We're finishing up our discussions on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.  One of the difficulties in teaching this is finding material that is not heavily biased on one side or the other.  Also, it's sometimes difficult to identify my own hidden biases.

(At this point in reading the blog, students, tell the adult you're reading with what "bias" means.  If you forget, look it up...)

We discussed intentional and unintentional bias.  I defined propaganda as "intentional bias."  Maybe I should have taken it further and said, "information with an intentional bias which is shared with others in some media fashion, while purporting to not contain a bias."  We discussed it though, so I'm happy with my definition.

I had the students watch two video clips.  One is biased in favor of Israel, one in favor of Palestine.  Students had to be able to identify the bias, and cite evidence from the video to justify their claim.

Here are the videos:

Both sides are trying to sell you one version of the story.  And that's what bias does.  We're going to talk about bias, and being aware of it even more tomorrow when we look at product placement.

If you want extra credit for reading and discussing the blog, you need to have read and discussed it with an adult.  Discuss where you see bias in your own life.

When you're done, draw the J, circle, rope, and peanut to make Israel.  If you can't remember how to put them together to make Israel, just draw them.  Have the adult you read this with sign the paper (now a map) and put it in the extra credit tray tomorrow.

*I know I'm late getting this in here, but here's a link to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Map*

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