Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Product Placement

Product placement is one of my favorite topics.  Ask my wife.  I think she gets really tired of me talking about it all the time.

In our discussions about the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict we looked at this map:

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we talk all about bias - and how this map was biased in favor of the Palestinians, and doesn't tell the whole story.  The bias is subtle, and maybe not intentional - but it's there.

I searched online to find a copy that was already hosted, and I came across this one as well:

It's pretty clear that this version of the map is biased against Palestine...

Both maps are trying to sell us a point of view.  In that way, they're a lot like product placement.  We may not even be aware of the fact that we're being sold something.

It's difficult to accept that we're constantly being manipulated - intentionally or not.  I'm not sure if being aware of it is enough... but it's a start.

You were supposed to read and discuss this blog with an adult.  If you've done this, ask them if they've noticed product placement anywhere.  Write down where they've noticed it, and have them sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow.

In case you're missing this, here's a link to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Map.


  1. My mom says that she has not noticed any product placement. She has never really payed much attention. But she also says that she will start paying attention to see if she can find any. (hopefully she will see some tonight when we watch American idol!)
    Riley petgen
    4th hr
    Im doing this because you didn't post any today.

  2. Let me know if you guys find any. It's there. Oh... it's there... Remind me to put in the grade tomorrow morning. :)