Tuesday, May 20, 2014


What?  11 days left?  How does this happen?

We don't have school on Monday?  What?  Didn't we have basically every day off this winter?

Here's the way I see the rest of this year finishing up:

We're done with North Korea tomorrow -and we start Ancient China.
We finish up Ancient China next week and review for the final and tie everything together.
Take the final.

Go on summer break.

...How does that sound?

The only change I can hope for is that I can still get my friend in here to speak.  Also, that Sanabel replies.

The questions I want you to discuss today:

  • What type of Government does North Korea have?
  • What was that cartoon about in class?  Explain it.  What was it trying to say?
  • Overall, do the people in North Korea have a high standard of living or a low standard of living?

After you discuss those questions, write one of you answers down on a scrap of paper, and have the adult you discussed it with sign the paper.

Turn it in tomorrow for extra credit.


  1. we discussed this to great extent. we talked about all the propaganda that the north Koreans made and are doing.
    Riley Petgen

  2. Sweet. Thanks Riley. I'm pretty excited about tomorrow's bellwork. I've never tried anything like it before.

    Remind me that you posted this.

  3. Hey there Mr. H! IMO you could make the case that North Korea is a theocracy given the near-worship of their Dear Leader... ;)

    But I actually stopped by to give you a link: http://www.betterlivingthroughbeowulf.com/?p=20647 Think you might like it.

    Good luck as you get your class ready for the final!

    1. Sweet! Thanks, Clix. Were you talking to one of my students? Because that's how we list North Korea, too. Theocracy.

      I'll be checking out that link as soon as I log onto my home computer. It's blocked here at the school - as is tons and tons of stuff. (I'm a little annoyed about it, actually - so thanks for hitting a sore spot.)


    2. That is AWESOME! No I was figuring you'd just call it a dictatorship and that's all. (You've watched A State of Mind, right? Tangent: the documentary makes a point that all homes in Pyongyang have government radio that can be turned down but never off, and every morning when we have the pledges and the announcements over the loudspeaker I am a little creeped out by the parallel... ;)

      Hey, at least you've got youtube. I had to wait until I got home to watch your clips on bias. :P I may have to use those next year when we talk about propaganda!

    3. Clix, it is because of you that I own State of Mind. I share with the students about the radio, but haven't made the connection to the announcements and pledge. How very un-American of you. I can't believe that you would... uh... oh... I see what you did there.

      I can't believe you don't have youtube. You are really missing out.